New BIA National Policy Guidance – HEARTH Act

This document describes where tribes can submit leasing regulations adopted under the recently enacted HEARTH Act, and how the BIA will review those regulations to ensure that they comply with the new law. You can read the related articles I published addressing some of the changes and questions which need to be answered as part of the implementation. The HEARTH Act is included as part of the new regulations The Act amended 25 U.S.C. § 415(h) (specifically added subsection (h)), more commonly referred to as the “Long-Term Leasing Act’’, approved August 9, 1955, provides authority for tribes to negotiate and approve leases on tribally-owned and possibly tribal interests in allotted lands without Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) approval. Also, my newest article, which is scheduled for a tribal publication in February 2013 can be reviewed at



  1. Jay Daniels says:

    When you click on the link for 25 USC 415(h), just scroll down to sub-section (h) for the HEARTH Act regulatory requirements. This part was added to 25 USC 415 in December 2012.