Any of the 11 Wisconsin tribes can veto an off-reservation casino proposal, Gov. Scott Walker said Thursday – a stance that could sound the death knell for new off-reservation casinos in the state.

Walker said there must be “consensus” among all the state’s tribes before he would approve an off-reservation casino. The governor’s approval is required by federal law before any tribe can open an off-reservation casino.

Walker defined consensus as unanimous approval.

“Consensus doesn’t mean 10 yes and one no,” Walker said in a meeting with Journal Sentinel editors and reporters. “Consensus means everybody says yes.”

The governor said he intends to make the task of winning his approval of an off-reservation casino difficult because tribes have the exclusive right to operate gambling halls in the state.

“Now, do they say is that a difficult wall to hurdle,” Walker said. “Absolutely.”

via Any of state’s 11 tribes can veto off-reservation casino, Scott Walker says.