This action arises under and relates to an Independent Contractor Agreement between Becker and the Tribe effective March 1, 2004 (“Agreement”) by which Becker agreed to and did provide services to the Tribe as Manager of the Tribal Energy and Minerals Department, including the implementation of the restructuring and development of the Tribal Energy and Minerals Department. By the Agreement, the Tribe promised to pay to Becker a specified monthly compensation (“Compensation”) and agreed that Becker had a 2% participation right in specified revenues (“Participation Right”). The Tribe failed to pay to Becker the Compensation promised and the agreed upon percentage of the revenues as to which Becker had a Participation Right.

Here is the complaint in Becker v. Ute Indian Tribe (D. Utah):

Becker Complaint

via Ute Indian Tribe Sued by Former Energy & Minerals Manager.