Jay Daniels, member of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma, graduated from Owasso High School (1978), Owasso, OK, and attended Haskell Indian Junior College (1979-1981), Lawrence, KS. Immediately after junior college, Jay was employed as a legal land agent for seismic oil and gas exploration in Montana and North Dakota (2001-2004) for United Permitting and Arrowstar, Inc., both of which were 100% Indian-owned companies.

Jay has 26 years plus of federal service with the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) with an extensive background in Real Estate Services. Jay has worked at the 1) Rocky Mountain Region, Fort Peck Agency (1985-2005), Poplar, MT.; 2) Western Region, Pima Agency (2005-2007), Sacaton, AZ, Fort Yuma (2007), Yuma, AZ.; and completed his federal service at 3)Midwest Regional Office (2007-2012), Bloomington, MN.

Also, Jay has served various personnel details including Midwest Regional Realty Officer (2010), Pima Agency Deputy Superintendent (2006), and Realty Officer (2005-2006), Western Deputy Regional Director (2007), Fort Yuma Agency Realty Officer (2007), Haskell Indian Nations University Administrative Officer (2003), and other details of an administrative nature. Jay served as the BIA’s Trust Accounting and Assets Management System (TAAMS) Coordinator at each location he has been employed at which required daily overview of resource management and assisting in training and support to TAAMS users. This system is a result of the Bureau’s effort to effectively manage and account for trust land and income receipt/distribution.

During his career, as a Realty Officer, Jay has managed Real Estate Services including oil and gas leasing, agricultural leasing, residential leasing, acquisition and disposal of land, rights protection, and business leasing. Jay also served as a team member on the proposed draft regulatory team for 25 CFR Part 162, 166, and 169, which includes agricultural, residential, business, trespassing and rights-of-way requirements and processes. Also, Jay served as a panel member for tribal consultation regarding 25 CFR Part 162, residential and business leasing regulations in 2012.

Jay has provided various trainings for BIA and Tribal employees for rights-of-way and trespass processes. Jay has provided training to various state Tribal Transportation Assistance Program (TTAP) conferences for rights-of-way processes for various State Department of Transportation agencies. And finally, Jay was responsible for reviewing appeals subject to the Administrative Procedures Act and drafting decisions subject to the Interior Board of Indian Appeals, and or eventually federal court jurisdiction.

Jay has committed his career to improving Indian Country and serving Indian people.