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United States Code

  • 25 USC – Indians (This link also includes a downloadable zip file with the complete code searchable when opened for quick locating of various statutes)
  • 25 USC 415 (Updated to include HEARTH Act of 2012)

Code of Federal Regulations

  • 25 CFR 84 – Encumbrances of Tribal Land, Contract Approvals
  • 25 CFR 150 – Land Records and Title Documents
  • 25 CFR 151 – Land Acquisitions
  • 25 CFR 152 – Issuances of Patents in Fee, Certificates of Compententcy, Removal of Restrictions, and Sale of Certain Indian Lands
  • 25 CFR 162 – Leases and Permits: These regulations were updated January 7, 2013, to reflect the final publication of revised regulations. Effective: January 4, 2013. See here.
  • 25 CFR 166 – Grazing Permits (Trespassing 166.800)
  • 25 CFR 169 – Rights-of-Ways Over Indian Lands
  • 25 CFR 211 – Leasing of Tribal Lands for Mineral Development
  • 25 CFR 212 – Leasing of Allotted Lands for Mineral Development

Bureau of Indian Affairs Real Estate Services Handbooks

Other Bureau of Indian Affairs Documents

Oil & Gas Resources

Articles or Papers on Issues

Leasing, Law and Land Tenure: Measuring the Impact of the Long-Term Leasing Act of 1955 on Indian Land Holdings by Dustin Frye, University of Colorado, Boulder, December 11, 2012 (Article about 25 U.S.C. 415)

Development’s victim or its beneficiary?: the impact of oil and gas development on the fort berthold indian reservation , by Raymond cross

Canons Rules of Law Construction

Federal Register – GPO’s Federal Digital System

Interior Board of Indian Appeal Decisions

Native American Rights Fund – National Indian Law Library

Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER)

United States Supreme Court Decisions

Justia United States Law Search by Court and State

Kappler’s Indian Law (Treaties, laws, etc.)

Oklahoma University Indian Law

U.S. Supreme Court Case Selection Process

Administrative Procedures Act Cases

United States Court of Federal Claims. – Grace M. GOODEAGLE, Thomas Charles Bear, Edwina Faye Busby, Phyllis Romick Kerrick, Jean Ann Lambert, Florence Whitecrow Mathews, Ardina Revard Moore, Tamara Anne Romick Parker, and Fran Wood, individually and on behalf of similarly situated Members of the Quapaw Tribe of Oklahoma (O–Gah–Pah), Plaintiffs, v. The UNITED STATES, Defendant. No. 11–582 L. June 12, 2012.

DAVID M. EVANS, an individual; RON PICKENS, an individual, d/b/a P & D CONSTRUCTION, an Idaho sole proprietorship; SAGE BUILDERS, an Idaho limited liability partnership;Plaintiffs v. SHOSHONE-BANNOCK LAND USE POLICY COMMISSION


Oil & Gas Court Cases


Merrion v. Jicarilla Apache Tribe, (Taxation Case)

Cotton Petroleum Corp. v. New Mexico, 490 U.S. 163 (1989) 490 U.S. 163 (Taxation Case)